The Effects of watching porn on the brain

Everyone watches porn today, spending some amount of time on porn streaming websites like xhamster. The prevalence of these sites has led them to the mainstream, and PornHub has become one of the biggest entertainment companies of today. This shows that people have a large need for porn, maybe even more than TV shows or music.


A concerning thing, however, is that while we already know TV shows and music influence us, and there is a large amount of research examining how exactly that influence is exhibited, we don’t know the same for porn.

Now, how porn impacts the brain is intimately tied to how masturbation does as these two tend to go hand in hand. Masturbation has many positive and negative effects on the brain. It releases dopamine, the hormone which determines happiness; this is why masturbating can lead to short term happiness. It makes your heart rate go up, think less, and once you cum it releases a dosage of dopamine. This is what makes masturbating such a pleasurable experience. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get used to it and do it excessively.

Chronic masturbation and porn-watching have been correlated with depression. That is because having short-term dopamine releases as porn and masturbation leads to the neglect of more long-term sources of happiness. This is a self-fueling circle of short term dopamine releases, for a depressed person, it will make them stop feeling bad for a short time; however, once it comes back, it’ll be even worse. Especially in men, as cumming also releases hormones which make you feel emotionless and distant, these hormones are there so that they would make the male separate himself from the female he is having sex with and move on to a different one.

Despite this, porn in minor doses is good for you. The short-term dopamine release can help let off stress from a long or exhausting day. It can make you feel better about a recent breakup. The post-masturbation-clarity helps many men in decision making as there are hardly any things which offer the clarity that masturbating does.

All in all, porn is good for you as long as you don’t use it as a coping mechanism. The moment you slip that slippery slope or develop an addiction is when you should seek professional help.