It is possible to confuse science and technology or to think that they are the same. The fact is, they are completely different.

Science is the study of natural phenomenon where you’ll acquire knowledge on a particular subject via observing and experimenting.

Technology is the application of the knowledge acquired from science for a particular purpose.

Here are the other differences between science and technology


Science is all about knowing whereas technology is about actions


With science, you seek to make predictions and understand phenomena whereas science makes work easier, finds solutions to problems, and satisfies needs.

Subject to Change

Once a law is proven by science, it cannot get changed whereas technology keeps changing


Science is all about discovering and understanding but with technology, you invent and apply.

Evaluation Methods

With science, you analyze, deduct, and develop theories whereas with technology, you analyze, plan, and synthesize designs.

Skills Required

For science, you need experimental skills, analytical skills, and logical skill. With technology, you need planning skills designing skills, construction skills, problem -solving skills, and great interpersonal skills.


Science is all about discovering with the support and control via experiments. For technology, you will design, invent, produce or implement.

Some of the Science branches are human behavior, mathematics, biology, and mathematics branch. Examples of technology branches are agriculture, engineering, biotechnology, and applied physics.

Once science proves a fact the truth is absolute and no one will change it. People will regard it as a law of science. They will refer to it whenever that topic comes up and use it to solve the problem at hand. With technology, you apply the knowledge you learned in science. You invent ways to solve a problem, make a process more efficient or make it more effective. With this knowledge, you’ll never get confused when the subject of technology and science comes up.